A good acquisition announcement will grab the attention of reporters, editors, television producers, and others who will help spread the word about the business. So, this article will consider important tips to make it efficient. 

The essence of acquisition deal management

Mergers and acquisitions (M&A) is a vital element of the corporate strategy, economic, and business environment that allows companies to respond flexibly to growing global competition and rapidly evolving markets. The transaction’s success largely depends on management’s actions in the first hundred days after the announcement.

It is quite understandable that excessive attention is paid to the direct conclusion of the transaction. Nevertheless, it is very important to plan the sequence of the first steps in merging companies. The ill-conceived initial actions can become the main reason for the failure of even the most carefully prepared deal. During this period, the most important decisions are made, many of which cannot be reconsidered later. 

The acquisition of a company can be defined as the taking by one company of another under its control, management of it with the acquisition of absolute or partial ownership. The takeover of a company is often carried out by buying up all the shares of an enterprise on the stock exchange, which means the acquisition of this enterprise.

Tips on writing an acquisition announcement

An acquisition announcement is a short, non-advertising informational message. It is compiled for media editors and journalists. The subject of a press release can be a significant event, various events, or any other informational occasion. The main task of a press release is to communicate the news so that it will be of interest to media workers and that it is partially or completely published in most print publications and on the Internet.

The main requirement for such an announcement is the timeliness of its publication, so the placement of press releases should be carried out immediately before the proposed event or immediately after it. When deciding how to write an acquisition announcement, you need to decide on its timeliness since its relevance is an important factor. Sometimes the writing of an acquisition announcement and its publication must be ahead of the events they are talking about, and sometimes the other way around. Suppose the company plans to hold an important presentation or an open day. In that case, naturally, a press release should be published in advance to promote this event and attract as many targeted visitors as possible.

So, we have determined the basic and useful tips for writing an acquisition announcement:

  • The announcement’s headline is the first thing people notice, so it should be catchy and clear.
  • The introductory paragraph contains the shortest possible message about the article’s main topic – “time, place, action.”
  • Further, in the text of the announcement, more complete and detailed information about the described event is given. Do not overload the article with long sentences – this “stresses” the reader and can distract him from the main topic.

For the acquisition announcement to have the desired effect, you need to write it not according to the rules and canons of the classic approach of twenty years ago but as a selling text that focuses on the problem and offers its solution to the target audience. The main difference is that the structure may not fully correspond to the AIDA model but catch the reader’s attention and arouse his keen interest. The main rule, in this case, is preserved: a cool headline is 90% success.


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